Turn Hundreds of Dollars Into Millions

In the decade that just ended, there was a once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity to turn a very, very tiny amount of money into a gigantic, mind-boggling fortune.

The best performing investment of the decade that ran from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2019 returned an unbelievable 2,877,440 times your initial investment. If you had invested in this asset on the first day of the decade, held it for the duration, and sold the asset on the last day of the decade, you would have received $2,877,440 for every dollar that you invested.

A mere ten dollar initial investment would have turned into over $28 million dollars. A hundred dollar investment over the course of the ten years would have turned into $287,744,000!

The asset that produced this actual return was Bitcoin.

On this first day of the decade, January 1, 2010, four Bitcoin would have cost you a whopping one cent. By the end of the decade, on December 31, 2019, the price of one Bitcoin had climbed to $7,193.60.

The opportunity to turn a hundred dollars into more than $287 million over the course of a single decade is the type of opportunity that only occurs once every several centuries. Yes, Bitcoin is going to perform very, very well in the new decade that has just begun, but it’s just not going to do as well in the coming decade as it did in the previous one.

That’s just not going to happen.

Which leads to the logical question, “Well, what’s the next Bitcoin?”

The Next Bitcoin

If you’re looking to turn a hundred bucks into $287 million in 10 years, well, there is no “next Bitcoin.” However, if you’re looking to turn a few hundred dollars into a few million in less than a decade, well, yes, the next Bitcoin-type of opportunity can be found within the blockchain/cryptocurrency sphere.

In spite of the mainstream media’s propaganda to the contrary, Bitcoin/blockchain/cryptocurrency is an incredible invention that will change the world in very, very significant ways. That’s not only our opinion, that’s exactly the position put forth by none other than the World Economic Forum (WEF).

With major change comes major opportunity.

The World Economic Forum is comprised of the most powerful people in politics and finance from around the world. If there truly is a group of “insiders,” it is these people. And what do these insiders have to say about blockchain? Although it was not reported anywhere in mainstream media, they published a 37-page report titled “Building Block(chain)s For A Better Planet.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The WEF believes that blockchain is such a world-changing technology that they’ve dubbed it the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” What exactly is the 4th industrial revolution?

Well, this same group of world financial leaders described the invention of the internet as the Third Industrial Revolution. And they are now plainly stating that the invention of blockchain/distributed ledger technology is THE beginning of the next industrial revolution.

What they are specifically saying is that blockchain will change the world at least as much as the internet did. That’s a stunning claim.

Here is the first sentence in the foreword to their report:

Blockchain is a foundational emerging technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, much like the internet was for the previous (or third) industrial revolution.

This is an absolutely profound statement and it’s impact cannot be overstated.

Just as the internet has become intertwined with nearly every aspect of our daily activities, so to, will blockchain become instrumental in just about everything we do.

And just as the Third Industrial Revolution created an entire crop of Billionaires, so too, will the fourth.

Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Page and Sergey Bin of Google, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Ma Huateng of Tencent, Jack Ma of Alibaba, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy of Snap, and Michael Dell of Dell Computer are just a few of the many billionaires whose multi-billion dollar fortunes were built upon the Third Industrial Revolution.

In addition to several dozen billionaires, the Third Industrial Revolution also created tens of thousands of millionaires.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will create just as many – or likely more – millionaires and billionaires than the third did.

Let that sink in.

You could be in that group.

The good news is that you don’t have to create software that is used in hundreds of millions of computers around the world, nor do you have to create a search engine that catologues the entire internet, nor create a social site that is used by half the planet. You don’t need to do any of those things to tap into the incredible wealth-creation potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is much easier than that.

You simply have to invest in the developing infrastructure of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, sit back, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.

How To Make Bank From The Fourth Industrial Revolution

It sounds like just about anyone can make a small – or not so small – fortune from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and actually, that’s a true statement, with one big “IF.”

“IF” you invest in the right blockchain projects you will reap extremely lucrative returns as the Fourth Industrial Revolution develops, takes hold, and rapidly permeates the daily lives of the vast majority of the world’s population.

What does “right blockchain projects” actually mean?

Well, Bitcoin/blockchain is open-source software. That means that anyone can download and inspect the code. While this is a very good thing to ensure the integrity of the software and to be certain there are no secret back doors, it also means that anyone with just very basic programming skills can make a few changes to the code and very easily create their own cryptocurrency.

And that is exactly what many people are doing.

As of late January 2021, there are over 8,350 cryptocurrencies. Rest assured, that over 90% of them are going to eventually wither away into the dust bin of history.

If you want to invest in – and potentially get very rich from – the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is absolutely essential to identify and invest in only the few gems, and avoid the majority of the eventual losers.

To compare this to the Third Industrial Revolution, your goal, so to speak, is to invest in the next Facebook, the next Google, the next Twitter, the next Amazon, the next Alibaba.

Best Cryptocurrencies for 2020’s

Out of the more than 5,000 cryptos in existence right now, only a few dozen are going to become gigantic, long-term winners with the potential to yield the “next-Bitcoin” type of returns.

And the rest?

Well, to be quite frank, they’re not going to be the hit-it-out-of-the-park home run you’re seeking.

In order to separate the few gems from the remainder of the wannabes, it takes research. Lots and lots of lots of behind-the-scenes, well informed, extensive, boots-on-the-ground research. And massive amounts of research is the only way to uncover the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

So, how does a person find this well-informed, trusted cryptocurrency research? Well, one way would be to hire an investigator who has a degree in accounting. Another way would be to become friends with one or more financial “insiders.” A third way would be to find a former Wall Street financial analyst who has shifted his focus away from stocks to become one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency analysts.

That person would be Teeka Tiwari.

His resume is impressive.

At just 20 years old, he became the youngest Vice President in the history of Shearson Lehman.

Some consider him a financial prodigy.

Others consider him a whiz kid.

Whether you like him or hate him, the fact is that there are many big money players in this world who listen and act on his advice.

In poker, one would call that a “tell.”

The problem is, while his research is top quality, the price that you have to pay to get it is also extremely high.

Teeka Tiwari’s 5 Coins To 5 Million

A few months ago, Teeka engaged in a large scale promotion of his private cryptocurrency newsletter in which he shares his research. As part of that promotion, he outlined why he believes there is currently an opportunity to invest $500 into 5 cryptocurrencies, and see that initial investment grow into $5 million in just a few short years.

He would give you the names of those 5 coins as a bonus when you sign up for his cryptocurrency newsletter called Palm Beach Confidential.

The annual cost of the newsletter is $5,000.

In reality, if Teeka does have specific info that a person could use to turn $500 into $5 million in just a few short years, then paying $5k for that information is a no-brainer.

Also in reality, most people just don’t have 5 grand laying around available to spend whenever.

While 5 grand is actually chump change for a lot of these Wall Street types – who wouldn’t bat an eye at spending that amount on lunch! – for the normal Main Street/hourly-wage-earner type of person who isn’t able to tap into the billions upon billions of free money from Federal Reserve, five thousands dollars is out of his or her reach.

No Need To Spend $5,000

Yes, Teeka is one of the world’s best cryptocurrency analysts. And yes, his information very likely is worth the price he is asking for it. However, you don’t need to spend $5k for it.

We’ve prepared our own list of 5 coins that have the potential to turn $500 into $5,000,000 in just 5 years. While 3 of the coins on our list are also on Teeka’s list, we believe our list will perform better than his.

Only time will tell.

We became aware of the invention of blockchain ten years ago. That would be 2010. We bought our first Bitcoin for $60 in 2011. And while we have a Main Street background versus Teeka’s Wall Street background, we have been involved in the crypto market for much longer than Teeka.

And we’ve made some friends who are friends with insiders.

In short, our information is also top notch.

And we’re 100% confident our list is at least as good as Teeka’s. We won’t know if our list is better than Teeka’s for five years. We really do think the 5 coins on our list will bring a greater return than the 5 coins on Teeka’s.

In actuality, 3 of the coins on each list overlap, so to be completely accurate, we believe the 2 coins on our list will do better than the other 2 coins on Teeka’s list.

Anyone Can Have The List Of 5 Coins

We come from a small town/Main Street background. We’ve worked long hours week upon week, year upon year, decade upon decade just to grind out a somewhat decent living. We identify with the average working class person because that’s who we are.

And we aren’t going to charge $5,000 for our list. In fact, we don’t charge anything. This is purely an informational site.

Not that the info isn’t worth it, we believe it’s worth far more than that.

But we want the average working class person to have access to the same type of actionable, highly-lucrative info that Teeka and his 1% crowd have.

Therefore, you can have our list of 5 coins to turn $500 into $5 million for free. The only thing we ask is that you examine our site. We have many cryptocurrency price predictions, crypto investing articles, and a very robust crypto news section. If you find one or more articles of value to you, please share a page or two on social media. Simply tweet one of our articles, or perhaps share it on Reddit or Linkedin.

If you’ll do that, then send us an email asking for our “5 Coins to $5 million bulletin.”

We will email it to you right away.

We really appreciate your visit. Please come back often, and don’t forget to bookmark this site to not miss any valuable cryptocurrency info.