The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), countries around the world are currently entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Never heard of the WEF and wondering what it is? As explained on their website, “The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

The WEF is not just another average organization. It is composed of a who’s who list of financial insiders at the very top of the global financial power structure. Most world leaders, including President Trump, attend the annual meeting of the WEF. In short, you cannot get any more “inside” than this.

So when the WEF talks about the emerging Fourth Indusrial Revolution, people should pay extremely close attention.

And what does the World Economic Forum have to say about the topic? Well, they’ve released a 37-page report on the subject. Many books could be written about the contents of this report, but the first sentence of the foreword provides an important overview:

“Blockchain1 is a foundational emerging technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, much like the internet was for the previous (or third) industrial revolution.”

Blockchain is another word for cryptocurrencies. The most powerful people in the world are plainly stating that blockchain/cryptocurrencies are the very foundation upon which will be built the 4th industrial revolution.

With major change comes major opportunity.

The fourth industrial revolution has the potential to drastically change the way human beings live their lives. The lives of people will be transformed beyond imagination.

You will see new applications in the future when the age of human computers make their presence felt and enter the global marketplace. Along with blockchain, modern computer engineering will lead the fourth industrial revolution.

The invention of image-based microprocessors made possible the working of micro-computers, which played an integral part of the third industrial revolution. Nowadays, image-based microprocessors are being used in the making of mobile phones, mobile laptops, cell phones, PDAs, desktop computers, and other medical equipment.

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Now is the time to seize the monumental potential of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Fourth Industrial Revolution
4th Industrial Revolution
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be built upon blockchain technology and will change the world even more than the internet did.

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