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Cryptocurrency Survey Reveals Intriguing Facts

The research, which analyzed exclusive survey results and public databases, discovered that males are more aware of Bitcoin than females, and that 67% of Millennials favor Bitcoin over gold.

The data encompasses results from November 2019 to January 2021 – making it the most comprehensive cryptocurrency study to date. Moreover, our data hits on topics that resonate with consumers, academia, and the private industry. The results shed light on a new narrative that has not been covered – one that reveals rampant disparity.

This SimpleMoneyLyfe Study also analyzed several other factors related to cryptocurrency and the broader blockchain industry.

Here is a quick snapshot of what the industry-leading research reveals:

Cryptocurrency Criminal Activity: Just 0.34% of Crypto’s Transaction Volume was Used for Criminal Activity. This equates to roughly 10 billion dollars. 

Bitcoin Hoarders are Prevalent: 2% of Crypto Wallets Control 95% of all Bitcoin. This includes numerous governments, financial institutions, and early Bitcoin investors/miners. 

Male vs Female Bitcoin Awareness: According to another survey, 78% of male survey respondents reported being aware of Bitcoin, while only 71% of females were aware of this particular digital asset (18+ or Older).

The Top 100 Richest Wallet Addresses Hold 13.56% of Bitcoin’s Total Supply: It’s common for whales to spread their ownership over several addresses, so it’s unclear the number of individuals who control the top 100 richest wallet addresses.

You can read the complete study results here: is a leading financial website that covers the blockchain, financial, and credit industries.

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OKEx Releases Two New Decentralized Apps

OKEx, a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, is delighted to announce that the team behind the open-source blockchain OKExChain has launched two decentralized applications, OKEx Swap and OKEx Farm, on the protocol. Both these new features, along with the opening of the OKT/USDT Farm Pool commenced today at 10:00 am UTC. 

OKT withdrawals also opened at the same time, giving OKT holders the ability to stake OKT along with USDT in Swap to earn OKT-USDT LP tokens. These can then be used to stake in the OKT-USDT Farm Pool for additional earnings, such as mining new OKT.

The OKEx Swap and Farm initiatives have been enabled by the initial stability testing of the OKExChain mainnet that generated tens of thousands of OKT block rewards (according to OKExChain’s block reward rules). These tokens have not yet been allocated, meaning that OKT holders can unlock significant rewards by mining OKT on-chain.

The size of the reward will be voted on by the OKT/USDT whitelist pool on Jan. 26 at 10:00 am UTC. If the vote is approved, a snapshot will be taken according to the blocks that voted in favor, and the accumulated OKT will be distributed according to the proportion of OKT-USDT LP tokens that they had staked in the OKExChain Farm pool when the proposal was approved.

The amount of OKT that users can mine is equal to the number of tokens staked divided by the total number of tokens in the Farm Pool, multiplied by the cumulative amount of OKT. After the cumulative OKT allocation is complete, users can continue to mine through the OKT-USDT Farm Pool. Staking starts as soon as the Farm function is launched. 

“The phased launch of OKExChain is moving along at a very encouraging pace. Already after completion of the initial stage, we have seen its native token, OKT, commanding an all-time high of $86.54 in its first days of trading on the OKEx platform. We’re thrilled that the team behind OKExChain has been able to provide OKT holders with even more benefits through the Swap and Farm initiatives and to see OKExChain expanding its utility,” commented OKEx CEO Jay Hao.

In addition to staking and mining rewards via OKEx Swap and Farm, OKT provides users with further immediate utility and benefits, including voting rights and transaction-fee payments for decentralized exchanges and other DeFi applications built on the network. OKT is currently available to trade on the OKEx platform with zero fees on all trading pairs for the first 30 days.

For further information on OKEx Swap and OKEx Farm DApps, please visit the OKEx Support Center here.

OKEx is a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, OKEx offers the most diverse marketplace where global crypto investors, miners and institutional traders come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks. OKEx provides spot and derivatives trading — including futures, perpetual swap and options — of major cryptocurrencies, offering investors flexibility in formulating their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks.

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With $5.3 Billion In Assets, Celsius Grows 10 Times In 2020

Celsius, the industry-leading cryptocurrency rewards-earning platform, announced today that it holds over $5.3 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets. In November 2020, Chainalysis was able to validate over $3.3b in total assets held by Celsius, making it the second-largest digital asset manager in the world.

Celsius continues to be one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms. Since the Chainalysis confirmation this past November, Celsius has gained over 125,000 new users totaling over 340,000 active users worldwide.

As Celsius gears up for another year of growth, other notable milestones for the company at this time include:

  • Over 340,000 active users worldwide
  • Over $200 million in crypto rewards distributed to the Celsius community
  • Over 52% of Celsius members choosing to earn weekly rewards in CEL token
  • Over 55,000 BTC held under management
  • 45 different tokens and coins supported and earning yield

“The crypto industry as a whole grew substantially in 2020. Celsius is proud to contribute to this growth and to provide many people with yield income on 45 assets they can not find anywhere else,” said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius. “As we see record numbers of institutions and retail users entering the space, they are looking for a store of value and yield to protect their assets from the debasement of the US Dollar. The record number of new dollars being printed by the FED is making the savviest investors in the world allocate assets to Bitcoin. Our results represent the growing need of savers to diversification and the lack of trust and transparency between financial institutions and the community. We have seen time and time again that customers choose Celsius for yield and loans because they trust us, and our goal is to always act in their best interests and consistently deliver industry-leading transparency.”

Through the Celsius platform, customers can earn weekly compounding rewards at rates up to 15% APY and borrow dollars against their digital assets at rates as low as 1% APR. Celsius created the yield-earning use case for crypto, and attributes its exponential growth to its community-driven mission and consistently distributing up to 80% of its revenues back to its community.

About Celsius
Celsius helps hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide to find the path towards financial independence through a high compounding reward income wallet and instant low-cost loans accessible via a web and mobile app. Built on the belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interests of the customers and community, Celsius is a Blockchain-based fee-free platform where membership provides access to curated financial services that are not available through traditional financial institutions. 

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Victoria VR Initial Exchange Offering Of Its ERC-20 Cryptocurrency Token Now Available

VICTORIA VR Virtual reality is a completely unique platform, designed to connect all virtual reality platforms. VICTORIA VR brings forth a true virtual revolution with its photo-realistic graphics and innovative approaches. It provides users with a decentralized photo-realistic virtual world that takes full advantage of the amazing blockchain capabilities, with all the benefits that flow from it.

The VICTORIA VR (VR) token is currently available at pre-sale as an IEO on the DEXFIN Exchange. Full details can be found on the VICTORIA VR website, where you can also download the VICTORIA VR White Paper.

Besides stunning virtual graphics, decentralization and blockchain, VICTORIA VR also offers a passive income of 20% per year from staking. Other benefits are listed in the overview below.

The Virtual Reality of VICTORIA VR Gives You the First Photo-realistic World Without Limits

The virtual reality market is flourishing and could exceed $70B by 2024. Virtual reality creates completely new possibilities for its users. We live in an amazing world that is constantly progressing and becoming faster every day thanks to newer and more innovative technologies. However, we are limited. We are limited by the laws of physics, our human body, and time. Virtual reality offers you a world where there are no such limitations. Imagine a world where:

  • You don’t have to travel for an hour every day to get to school or work.
  • You don’t have to fly across the continent for a personal or business meeting.
  • You can enjoy the concert, theatre performance or an exhibition together with millions of other people from all corners of the world.
  • You can easily visit any place and be anything.
  • No one can dictate the opening hours of your business, where no one can close your business, where no one can take anything from you, and where there is no lockdown.
  • Where you can’t get infected by disease, where you can’t get hurt and where you can’t die.

VICTORIA VR: A Decentralized World Using the Blockchain

VICTORIA VR is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) virtual world with photo-realistic graphics built on the blockchain. Users mine the VR cryptocurrency by their activity in the virtual reality of VICTORIA VR. They can trade lands and build their Internet-connected projects and applications, acquire and create unique assets, explore a world full of user created content, complete challenging tasks and play games.

All assets are registered here on the public blockchain. The VR world is fully owned by the users and the community, which also creates rules for the entire community, because the world of VICTORIA VR is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Thanks to VICTORIA VR, you can materialize your most secret wishes and experience your life’s greatest desires. You can share everything with everyone here. And you always have unlimited possibilities – when working, creating, discovering, trading, and playing.

VICTORIA VR uses the proven Unreal Engine for development. In the current extreme world situation (lockdown, economic crisis 2020, covid-19), photo-realistic virtual reality is becoming a sought-after solution by companies, players and ordinary users alike.

VICTORIA VR Cryptocurrency – The Driver of the Virtual World

VICTORIA VR (VR) is an ERC-20 token and is the principal currency of VICTORIA VR. The token also serves as a reward for active users and for those who use staking. The total supply of the VR is set at 168 billion. At this time, 78B VR is available for pre-sale as IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). Unsold tokens serve as a reward for the future users.

  • Pre-sale for 0.00000006 BTC (15/12/2020 – 31/01/2021).
  • Pre-sale for 0.00000009 BTC (01/02/2021 – 28/02/2021).
  • Pre-sale for 0.00000012 BTC (29/02/2021 – 16/03/2021).
  • Listing on the DEXFIN Exchange and other exchanges (18/03/2021).

Staking With 20% APY and Trading in Virtual Reality

Staking is similar to keeping money on your term deposit, but with a much higher appreciation. You just hold your crypto assets at the DEXFIN Exchange, creating an interesting source of passive income. With the VR token, you get 20% per year from staking.

Thanks to VICTORIA VR, you can also discover novel ways of trading in the virtual world and new business opportunities. When trading in virtual reality, users can see and monitor all the necessary information at once – social networks, prices of popular cryptocurrencies, graphs, indicators, and more.

VICTORIA VR: Based in the Crypto Hub of Europe

VICTORIA VR is based in Prague, Czech Republic, where quite a few successful games were created, and which is the home of several notable inventions in the field of crypto. Some examples include the first mining pool (SlushPool) which started in the Czech Republic back in 2010 and the world-famous Trezor hardware wallet. The Czech Republic ranks among one of the most crypto-friendly countries in Europe.

With its photo-realistic graphics and innovative approaches, VICTORIA VR brings in a real virtual revolution! VICTORIA VR world is created and owned by its users and is designed to constantly motivate the users to activity and to algorithmically create quests, and thus, to live without its creators. You can acquire and create unique assets here, which will be, because of their usefulness, sought after by companies, enterprises, and individual users alike.

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Global Investment Summit In Dubai Considers Blockchain To “Build A Better World”

Dubai is on center stage once again as 250 prestigious family offices, private investors, Sheikhs, Royal Families and leading businesses from 30+ countries gathered for the 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit hosted by Sir Anthony Ritossa under the High Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, a member of the Ruling Family of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah from the United Arab Emirates who has dedicated $70 million to fund new start-ups.

Sir Anthony Ritossa

CEO & Advisor to Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise Mohamed Al Ali served as Distinguished Grand Ambassador for the event, which focused on the theme Family Offices Uniting Together to Build a Better World.

Representing more than $4 trillion in wealth, the family office delegation discussed and debated timely topics of interest to the world’s leading families during this challenging year, including how family offices should invest for a brighter future; how to grow and preserve wealth; social responsibility; education; healthcare; emerging technologies; family legacy and philanthropy.

“It is an honour to host such an esteemed group of investors in Dubai and to act as a bridge between Middle East families and their counterparts in  Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and Latin America. It was wonderful to gather one-again in person to continue our journey of discovery between like-minded peers in a safe-harbour environment. As at our past events, the Summit featured notable world experts addressing actionable investment strategies and ways to set the foundation for a lifelong family legacy,” said Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Ritossa Family Office, a family business dating back 600 years to the Venetian Empire in Europe.

Hussein Sayed, CNBC Arabia Anchor & Chief Market Strategist at FXTM, UAE, began the Summit by noting that there are many questions regarding sectors poised to benefit from the coronavirus vaccine. Investor concerns focus on how much money to keep in cash, how best to rebalance portfolios, and what changes are likely now that the light is at the end of the tunnel. This year has been a challenge to embrace – in addition to a crisis – that has forced us to adapt and emerge stronger than ever. The UAE, for example, has plans for the next 50 years that are based on new strategies and solid research on how best to move forward.

Summit discussion topics included:

The Bright Future of the UAE

International businesses are increasingly interested in the UAE due to numerous benefits including quality education, infrastructure, technology, healthcare, taxation and government support of SMEs. Dubai’s Smart City 2021 initiative is transforming the city, revolutionising the way government services are delivered, promoting private sector partnerships, increasing happiness, and attracting more interest in the region. Expo Dubai 2021 is another exciting milestone for the UAE that will draw worldwide acclaim as well as boost domestic travel which already expanded during COVID. With 180 nationalities in the UAE, its position as a global melting pot is admirable.

Broad Reaching Implications of Mind + Machine

Companies continue to use machine learning and artificial intelligence at unprecedented levels across the spectrum. According to the experts, it is not mind vs. machine, it is mind and machine. Although people may expect quick results from AI and ML, one cannot apply it generically and it is essential to expand technology to more applications. For example, plant architecture and the green revolution is producing food and gene editing plants may compensate for drought conditions. AI and ML also have broad reaching implications in areas such as online learning, healthcare, construction, sports, media  and entertainment.

Better Data for a Better World

Data is all around us and everything generates data, often on a large and extreme scale. Indeed, data is one of our most valuable commodities in the 21st Century’s digital economy and better data leads to a better world. Investors should support bitcoin as a way to solve problems and meet tomorrow’s challenges. Data keeps the world honest, transparent and accountable since records of dates and times are auditable and difficult to change. Bitcoin represents a fusion of data and money – a vision of connecting, re-inventing, and reducing the role of intermediaries. It’s one system for making smarter, healthier communities around the world. While some tend to put blockchain in a box, it is a fact that blockchain allows us to redefine the box.

Healthcare + Blockchain Present New Possibilities

Sharing and optimizing data to power healthcare solutions is of vital importance post-pandemic as new businesses continue to emerge and meet the needs of global citizens. A blockchain powered COVID management system, for example, provides aid and support via technology in support of frontline workers who cannot do everything on their own. Another blockchain company is helping to solve the opioid crisis by tracking prescription drugs.  Traditionally, data science has been underutilized in healthcare.

Future of Education

Online learning is skyrocketing in popularity and while some wonder if traditional universities may eventually become obsolete others yearn for a return to normalcy when physical classes are 100% back in business. Regardless, it is clear that technology plays an ever-important role in bringing about positive disruption to the educational sector. Good teachers and  role models have the capability to change lives and when individuals are blessed with those who believe in them and support them the result is a healthier community overall. Education also comes into play when family businesses seek to last over multiple generations as family members must understand the family’s goals and seek guidance while continuing to evolve and prosper.

Co-Investment Opportunities

There are many companies based in the United States, Israel and elsewhere that seek strategic ventures in the UAE in areas such as ESG and disruptive sustainable technology. While it is a fact that many deals are spearheaded by families who already know each other, most are open and willing to consider new partnerships with those who are like-minded. Some families have limited domain expertise and therefore prefer to outsource and/or seek co-investments when investing outside their comfort zone in order to diversify. Distressed companies, Cleantech, FinTech, Biotech, healthcare, renewable energy and electric vehicles are some of the areas of paramount importance.

“The 13th Global Family Office Summit event was a significant opportunity for us to host new friends and old friends in Dubai. By bringing together leading global families and private investors at our Summits we continue to change the course of history,” said Mohamed Al Ali, CEO & Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum International Investments Enterprise, UAE.

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Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Brings WOZX Tokens To 3rd Exchange

EFFORCE, the first platform leveraging the power of blockchain technology to democratize access to energy efficiency projects and financing opportunities, announces today that its WOZX tokens are now listed on the exchange. With tokens available on Gate in addition to HBTC and Bithumb Global exchanges in a span of only 20 days, EFFORCE is on a fast trajectory to get its utility tokens out to millions of potential contributors quickly.

Steve Wozniak is co-founder of the company that is striving to transform and disrupt the $250B energy efficiency market. Using the EFFORCE platform, companies can sign up to undertake energy efficiency measures at no cost, allowing them to reallocate their liquidity to more critical tasks. The projects are funded through EFFORCE’s decentralized platform by large and small contributors who purchase WOZX utility tokens and are rewarded through the fractionalization of the transferable energy savings.

The company plans to add more exchanges for its tokens as its first projects become available to the general public on the platform in Q1 2021.

“Energy efficiency projects offer a major opportunity to mitigate climate change and provide a direct reward mechanism, so we are excited to offer more tokens to more people around the world as EFFORCE takes off,” said Jacopo Visetti, Project Lead and Co-Founder at EFFORCE. “Since our first listing, we have moved quickly along our roadmap. We are now pleased to be on a third exchange. Public support for our mission has been massive, reflecting the value of bringing energy efficiency improvement projects to a broad audience.”

With China and Europe making strides in efficiency and with the U.S. ready to rejoin the Paris Agreement and restart beneficial climate change policies, EFFORCE will give everyone the chance to participate in projects that bring about meaningful environmental change.

By using the blockchain and utility tokens, EFFORCE eliminates many of the challenges impeding progress in the energy efficiency space. The platform broadens business access to energy improvements as well as public access to energy efficiency financing. Now, EFFORCE will make it possible for any contributor, not just those with access to large amounts of capital, to participate in these important projects. Contributors will also be able to fund projects across borders without being limited by regulations on domestic or local opportunities.

Energy efficiency projects are an important way to improve the carbon footprint and lower energy consumption without changing people’s habits. As Steve Wozniak has said, “We can save the environment simply by making more energy improvements.” Today’s market for energy efficiency projects is very large, but the potential is even greater. To achieve the International Energy Agency’s Efficient World Scenario, the sector still must double the size of investments to $580 billion by 2025.

EFFORCE is led by a team of veteran executives who have been successfully involved with the energy sector for more than a decade. Visetti previously founded Milan-based AitherCO2, with annual revenues of $240 million and no outside investment funding. EFFORCE is only the second company Wozniak has co-founded, the first being Apple 45 years ago. He was attracted to EFFORCE for its unique approach to democratizing energy efficiency.

One of the most promising innovations in regards to energy has to be the cryptocurrency approach. Many people have already begun to see the potential of this new technology holds for the future of renewable energy efficiency. Energy efficiency experts have been using this method of collecting and organizing information in order to make it possible for people to benefit more from their energy use. The main idea is that there are too many wires and parts in a typical electrical system that can lead to lost efficiency, expensive repairs, and even human error. By using the blockchain approach, an entire chain is cut off at the point of use so that the flow of data is guaranteed and constant. With the increased efficiency, this method offers, it may just be the answer to a very important energy question.

Unlike traditional networks, the blockchain approach doesn’t allow data to be lost because of a broken link. Also, this form of the network doesn’t suffer from communication failure between nodes like other networks do because every node is connected to every other node in the network. This form of energy efficiency makes it easier for any engineer or scientist to track and monitor every single energy transaction going on throughout a building or network of buildings. Even the smallest changes in the amount of electricity being used can result in huge savings for businesses and consumers alike.

Not only does this form of energy efficiency to help cut back on energy costs, it also saves a lot of time and money in the long run. Every time there is a loss in energy efficiency, it takes a bit of time for the system to learn from its mistake and be able to work efficiently the next time around. However, by continuously monitoring each transaction, the block chain learns from these mistakes and adjusts the next time around, getting the job done much faster than it would without the lessons learned the last time around. All in all, the blockchain approach to energy efficiency not only helps cut down on energy costs and the amount of damage to the environment; it also saves time and money, which benefits us all.