Penny Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

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It’s every investor’s golden rule: buy low and sell high. We’ve all heard it too many times to count. It’s the most basic, yet most powerful principle of investing. It is such a deep truth that it permeates just about every thought we have about investing, even at the subconcious level.

This would explain the extremely strong allure of both penny stocks and penny cryptocurrencies. The idea of buying something for pennies and seeing the value increase to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars is just so seductive.

While penny stocks have been around for decades upon decades, it is penny cryptocurrencies that offer the greatest investment returns for the coming decade.

The Greatest Penny Cryptocurrency Of All Time

The decade that just ended, namely the 2010’s, saw the rise of the greatest penny cryptocurrency of all time. That would be Bitcoin.

You may not be aware that on this first day of the decade, January 1, 2010, one penny would have bought somewhere between 3 and 4 Bitcoins. Yes, on the first day of the 2010’s you could have bought several Bitcoin for just one cent.

At the end of the decade, on December 31, 2019, the price of one Bitcoin had climbed to $7,193.60. That’s an unbelievable 2,877,440 times your initial investment!

A mere ten dollar initial investment in Bitcoin on the first day of the decade would have turned into over $28 million dollars by the end of the decade.

That certainly was the greatest penny cryptocurrency opportunity of all time.

Penny Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Best Crypto Under A Penny

There is no comparison, Bitcoin was the best crypto under a penny a decade ago.

But what about the coming decade?

Well, certainly Bitcoin is no long a penny crypto, not even close. The question is, “Are there any current penny cryptos that have the potential to do what Bitcoin did in the 2010’s?”

To be quite honest, the opportunity to turn $10 into over $28 million in a decade is not at all likely to repeat itself.

However, there certainly are penny cryptos right now that have a great deal of potential to turn a few hundred dollars into a few million in less than a decade. In fact, we’ve created a report outlining the potential to invest $500 into 5 penny cryptos, hold then for a couple years, and cash out for $5 million.

That’s not nearly as good as Bitcoin did in the past decade, but hey, turning $500 into $5 million is nothing to complain about.

Penny Cryptos With Potential

We’ve identified our top five picks – including our choice for the very best cryptocurrency to invest in right now – for the penny cryptos that currently offer the best potential for extraordinary gains in the next few years. We’ve compiled our research into a straight-to-the-point report that explains the who, what, why, when and how to get positioned in these coins now, while their prices are in the pennies, and even less than a penny per coin.

Just do the simple math: if you buy a crypto right now that costs one half cent each, and that crypto goes to $10 in the next two years, that’s a return of 2000-to-1.

That’s nowhere near Bitcoin’s 2,877,440-to-1 return, but consider the gains. If you place $500 into a cryptocurrency and the price goes from a half cent to $10, that would turn your $500 initial investment into a cool $1 million dollars.

And we’ve identified the coins that we strongly believe will do even better than the example we just presented. Our favorite penny crypto can be purchased for less than a tenth of a penny right now, and this coin could easily be worth $40 per coin in ten years.

Best Penny Cryptocurrency Of 2021

The best penny cryptos for this year, 2021, are identified in the research provided here. We strongly believe these are the cream of the crop, and each one of the five that we’ve identified stands poised to have the highest probability of offering the “next Bitcoin” type of returns.

To be clear, we do not believe there will be another cryptocurrency that will do as well as Bitcoin did in the 2010’s. That was a once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity that only comes around once in, well, many lifetimes.

We’re not going to see another 2,877,440-to-1 return in our lifetime, but we very well could see a 5,000-to-1, a 10,000-to-1, and possibly even a 50,000-to-1 return.

It doesn’t come close to Bitcoin’s previous performance, but we certainly won’t be complaining if/when it happens.

Sub-Penny Cryptocurrency

Like the Bitcoin opportunity of the previous decade, this occasion will pass, as the cryptos that are currently priced below a penny rise in value.

This rise in value will start this year as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gains momentum and begins to permeate global finance and commerce.

The current sub-penny cryptocurrencies will rise in value above a penny, then above a nickel, above a dime, and will eventually into the dollars.

When opportunity knocks, for goodness sake, get up and open the door!

If you don’t befriend opportunity when it comes calling, it will simply move on without you…

The time to act is now, while these cryptos are priced below a penny.

Penny Crypto Currency Of The Future

The current penny crypto that is destined to become a superstar in the future is revealed in our report.

By gaining access to our report, it will be like having a crystal ball that looks into the future…

Imagine knowing which penny cryptos will gain widespread adoption in the coming years, and which ones will fizzle out.

Unfortunately, there are currently over 7,965 cryptocurrencies, and the vast majority of them – more than 90% – will not survive long term. It is absolutely critical to invest in the right ones.

Penny Crypto Currency List

We’ve devoted a great deal of time, effort, and research into uncovering what we believe are the coins that offer the greatest potential for future heart-stopping gains.

We don’t believe there is another list of penny crypto currencies anywhere, for any price, that outshines our own.

If you’re looking for a penny crypto currency list that reveals the exact coins that are the most promising cryptos of the future, then simply go to the best cryptocurrency to invest in and get the list.

Penny Cryptocurrencies To Invest In
Bitcoin went from pennies to thousands of Dollars. Which Penny Cryptocurrencies are the best ones to invest in right now?

Learn more about the current penny cryptocurrencies that offer the best potential investment returns.