Most Promising Crypto

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We are often asked the question, “What is the most promising crypto?” And of course our answer is always the same: that depends upon your idea of “promising.”

The dictionary states the definition of promising is “likely to turn our well.”

Again, that covers a very wide spectrum of intentions.

There are different ideas of the word promising, and therefore it follows that there are different answers to the question of which crypto is the most promising.

Most Promising Crypto Currencies

Does your idea of “most promising” mean the coin with the most security? Does it mean the crypto with the greatest potential for incredible price gains? Does it mean the cryptocurrency that is most likely to be used for everyday commerce? Does it mean the coin that is likely to be around the longest?

Most promising can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Additionally, you must consider that a coin that is most promising to citizens of one country might not be promising at all to citizens of a different country.

To provide an example, the Venezuelan Petro might be quite promising to citizens of Venezuela, but since Americans are forbidden by law from owning it, the Petro is not at all promising to them due to the legal risk.

A person’s nationality is just one of several factors to be considered when trying to determine the most promising crypto.

Most Promising Coin(s) For China

When it comes to the most promising crypto project that is country specific, there are two coins specific to China that we believe hold the most promise. They are NEO, which has been called the Chinese Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

NEO was developed with a great deal of Asian academic brainpower, and from the start was created to be regulation friendly. With the Chinese government giving a friendly nod to this crypto, it’s quite obvious that there’s significant promise.

Another crypto that would appear to have the support of the Chinese government is Bitcoin Cash, which was a spin-off from Bitcoin as a result of a hard fork in 2017. The primary force behind the creation of this cryptocurrency was the global mining Giant, Bitmain, which has, let us say, a very cozy relationship with the government of China.

We believe these two crypto projects are both very promising not only from a Chinese perspective, but also from a global one due to the fact that China is a rising global economic powerhouse.

Most Promising Crypto For Everyday Commerce

When trying to determine which cryptocurrency holds the most promise for widespread adoption as an everyday means of exchange, we feel that Litecoin is near the top of the list.

That was, after all, the purpose of creating it.

Most Promising Cryptocurrency

Litecoin has tens of thousands of supporters “around the globe who share the mission of advancing Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.”

The Litecoin Foundation states:

No matter where you live or what your financial status is, Litecoin can empower you. Its speed, security and low fees make it perfect for everyday purchases and sending money anywhere in the world, instantly.

With a network of global supporters and the focused vision of creating a perfect cryptocurrency for everday purchases, it’s not difficult to see that Litecoin holds the most promise for a crypto to be used for making common daily purchases.

Most Promising Crypto(s) For Biggest Gains In Price

What frequently is the common intent regarding the most promising crypto is price gains. Most people are looking for small investments that can return a great deal of money. Let’s be honest, it is extremely difficult to become financially independent and live an upscale lifestyle when you’re working for an hourly wage.

Tremendous financial success is not guaranteed, even if you have a decent paying job and work your tail off 10 to 12 hours per day, 6 days a week for 30 or 40 years. Selling all your time by the hour is not the best road to Easy Street. You only have so much time to sell…

On the other hand, if you had put just a few hundred dollars in the greatest investment ever, you’d be a multi-multi millionaire today.

And that is exactly why this website was created. If you put just a few hundred dollars into the most promising crypto, there is the potential to turn that small initial investment into several million dollars in just a few short years. We’ve identified 5 of the most promising cryptos that are worth your consideration.

The Most Promising Crypto
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