Crypto Bull Run

There have been two major crypto bull runs since Bitcoin was created in 2009. The culmination of the first bull run was in 2013, while the blowoff top of the second crypto bull run occurred in 2017. Most things in the world happen in cycles. The Bitcoin halving cycle is set at 4 years. It’s probably no coincidence that the previous two bull runs in cryptocurrencies were also 4 years apart. Connect the dots, and there’s a very strong case to be made that the next crypto bull run will occur and culminate in 2021, followed by another in 2025.

The Bitcoin Bull Run can be good for everyone, but one thing we’ve learned over the past year is that I’ve really underestimated Bitcoin and its uses. I use it almost daily and like it a lot. So, what I didn’t realize is that I was using the same old technology that had served me so well for the past decade or so, but in a new environment. I was out to dinner, to a movie, to a sporting event, on a vacation, but instead of knowing that I was using the same old technology I was becoming comfortable with this new form of money and payment.

The Crypto Bull Run Of 2021

The last few years I have been growing more excited about the technology. It seemed to be moving so fast, and it is looking more an more like 2021 will be an amazing year for a bull market in cryptocurrencies. To most people, the word crypto is scary. They don’t understand what it is, or even how it works. That’s why I wanted to put together a crypto course to explain how crypto works, why we need it, and why it’s useful to everyone.

Crypto is essentially a new way of thinking about money and currencies. You can think of crypto something like a “side chain” to the blockchain, or the money itself. By creating a side chain for your cryptocurrency, you have a way to make transactions with it, but the blockchain won’t know about it.

When you create your own coin, you can send it to anyone in the world that has a wallet or can scan your coin with a device like a card reader. Once your coin is in the blockchain, you can spend it and even spend it as another currency. That’s why some people call it “an on-chain world.”

For you to understand how coins work you need to know what a coin is and how it is created. A coin is a brand, or name, or product that is created out of blockchain technology. This is what makes crypto different from traditional banking. There are no bureaucracy, no central bank, and no “certified accounts.”

Another thing that’s been wonderful about Bitcoin is the way it has “permissioned” the existing system to work. People can create their own coins and create new options, or services, or even “altcoins.” If a user wants to do something different, they can create their own coin and find another user to co-sign it. This is much more permissionless than permission, because someone can create what they want and can give it to anyone they want.

The only way to avoid blockchain black-box is to create a side chain. A side chain is the first link in the crypto chain. The transaction will go on to the first side chain and to the second, and so on. This gives the user of the crypto wallet the ability to make independent transactions without having to trust anything.

After you understand how it works, you’ll know why Bitcoin is on the rise. In a very short time the history of crypto will be redefined. You’ll learn why the upcoming crypto bull runs will create generational wealth for those willing to get involved now.