Crypto Analysis

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Cryptocurrencies, or virtual currencies as they are also called, are the future of finance, trade and business. Even the renowned World Economic Forum has publicly stated that Blockchain is the driving force of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The implications for massive change in the world of business and finance are astounding.

With massive change comes massive opportunity.

This includes the opportunity for small investments to grow into an exceedingly large amount of money in under a decade.

Crypto Analysis For Future Returns

In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is possible to study the future potential investment returns. In crypto-analysis, this is done with financial, technical, and economic data.

The most popular type of financial analysis, and the one the most used in the investing world, is called Price Targets, or forward-looking economic analysis. In this analysis, a forecast of a future value for a financial product is formed.

Cryptocurrencies And Metcalfe’s Law

When an analyst attempts to create a price target for a cypto currency, Metcalfe’s Law is really the overwhelming factor that will determine future value. Techopedia states:

Metcalfe’s Law was conceived by George Gilder but is attributed to Robert Metcalfe, co-inventor of Ethernet (1980). It speaks to both the growth in the number of connections as well as the value. Given that the Internet as we know it today was not around when the Law was formulated, it spoke more to the value of devices in general. For example, owning a single fax machine useless. When there are two fax machines, you can communicate with one other person, but when there are millions, the device has some value.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and Metcalfe’s Law, the basic principle is the more users within a network, the greater the value of that network, just as in the example of the fax machine above.

Traditional financial analyses are made by using a combination of statistical methods, economic data, and technical analysis. However, the future potential for crypto currencies must also take into account the principle of Metcalfe’s Law as the biggest factor in projecting future value.

The question arises, “How can an analyst even begin to determine the potential future size of a network of a crypto currency?”

Research, research, and more research is a good start, but it goes beyond that. An analyst really needs to know who or what group are behind the cyrpto project, and how large of a role that endeavor will play in the coming new financial system.

Insider-Based Crypto Analysis

This new financial system is being planned at the highest levels of the global financial structure, and is being diligently created even as you read this. Unfortunately, the public is not allowed to participate in this process, nor are they even allowed to know the specific details.

We simply don’t have a choice in the matter. This new replacement system is coming whether we like it or not.

So, as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

In practical terms this saying equates to: cryptocurrencies are going to be the most integral component of the new financial system. There is nothing we can do to change or stop it. As such, one might as well invest in the right cryptos now, to reap the best investment returns ever and make a small fortune over the next few years.

The “right cryptos” to invest in are the ones that the global financial planners are not only involved with, but actively supporting (even though that support is kept from public view), and intending to roll out to the general public in the next few years.

We certainly don’t endorse this global power structure, we simply recognize it for what it is, and are trying to do the best with the hand we’ve been dealt.

The only surefire way to know which blockchain projects are the “right cryptos” is to get that information directly from the insiders themselves. While it’s certainly not easy to do, it is possible. We always attempt to do just that, and we’re willing to share our insider-based crypto analysis with you.

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